Professional UI & UX
You'll confidently navigate, explore and implement task on Mappr as if you have been using it for ages! The intuitive user experience has been expertly designed for individuals of all ages and of different levels of expertise.
Easy to Setup
Single Sign-on
Intuitive & Easy to Navigate
Cross-Browser / Cross-Platform
(Desktop & Tablets) / Responsive
Collaborative Tools
All your teaching and learning needs in just one integrated communication channel. You can keep up to date with all that's going on in learning environments you have access to and communicate with the school administration, contemporaries, educators and classmates.
Seamless collaboration is key and we've mastered it.
Activity Feeds
Live Chat
Learning Management System
Organization is crucial. Mappr Virtual Learning Environment allows you to expertly manage environment structures you have access to and maintain user roles and events to design goal oriented, cooperative, effective and fun learning experiences.
Role Management
Calendar & Reminders
Survey & Evaluations
Environment Settings & Preferences
Virtual Learning Environment
This tool is what makes Mappr absolutely brilliant, state of the art. One controlled easy to use environment making designing and delivering effective, fun learning experiences for students possible. Administration teams set up classes, monitor and analyze data; educators manage resources easily and efficiently without having to repeat tasks or input content twice, design custom content and revise, build and share resources while have complete control over attendance sheets, assessments, grading and all classroom related tasks; guardians can monitor and track the progress of individuals who are in their care, students get to access notes, presentations, videos and all resources whenever they want.
Activity & Data Audit Log
Course, Class & Subject Management
Attendance Management
Resource Management
Content Management
Assessments & Assignment Management
Online Testing with Practice Test Mode
Grading & Achievements with Certificate Management
Environment Administration Dashboard
Configuring your very own enviornment profile, easily navigating, accessing support and managing licenses is a breeze.
Billing & License Management
Support - Live Chat, Ticket
Help Center
Analytic & Reports
This star tool has been designed to help you see the data gathered in your environment to make informed decisions and become more efficient and effective. Make your data work for you. Work Smart.
Pre-Built Reports & Dashboards
Continuous Insights on Workforce Effectiveness
Measurable User-Platform Interaction
Trackable Student Progress / Advancement
Custom Reports on Request
Facilitated Data Export
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