Research shows that smarter children are by-products of a series of talents that develop in the brain during the early parts of life via smart learning. We believe this can be addressed by taking education beyond the classroom, contributing to the overall development of children and empowerment of teachers. This is why we created Mappr - an extremely simple, easy to adopt, monitored platform dedicated to ensuring the all round progress of every child.
Learning goes beyond Academics
We believe in overall development of children and empowerment of teachers. In addition to viewing academic progress coupled with historical trends, students can add skills acquired through extracurricular activities to their profile. These will be endorsed by teachers, so that all achievements are given the recognition they deserve.
Motivate by reinforcing positive Behavior
Reinforcing positive behavior in a simple and visually appealing manner is enough to motivate students to keep improving. Acknowledging positives and critiquing encompass the dual approach to progress
Parent-child bond is paramount to progress
Parental involvement translates to fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance for children. Positive parent-teacher interactions are found to positively affect teachers’ self-perception and job satisfaction.
We are all in this together
Most ERPs, and the data they generated is isolated. The software being used isn't improving based on usage patterns. Peer to Peer learning coupled with the moderation of a classroom setting means progress for all.
One step forward for technology, two for user security
Increased usage of technology comes with increased responsibility towards maintaining data sanctity. We put security before everything else, and our platform undergoes the most stringent of checks.
Less is more
We strive to keep doing more with less. Technology is powerful, but what's the point if implementation is difficult? We enhance usage by keeping things simple.
We are a group of passionate and dedicated IITians with a background in investment banking and management consulting who share one common belief - to take learning beyond the classroom and that student progress must be achieved in all round manner. We believe the power of a network of students is immense, so that we can learn from one another and move forward together. Thus we built Mappr - a platform that is simple and effective in achieving this goal.
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